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KM 56 RC-E

STIHL KombiSystem Information

The STIHL KombiSystem is a complete family of multi-task tools composed of different power heads and numerous attachments. The split-shaft design lets you quickly and easily change attachments.

The KM 56 RC-E KombiEngine is part of the STIHL family of multi-use tools. Featuring a new low-emission, fuel-efficient engine plus the Easy2Start™ system for effortless starting; this unit allows the user to mix and match attachments (sold separately) for a range of tasks including trimming, cultivating, edging, pruning, sweeping and much more. Perfect for tasks around the home and light landscaping jobs.

STIHL KombiTools

Want to get more done in your garden? Everything is possible with the STIHL KombiSystem: the hedge trimmer and pole pruner KombiTools give perfectly manicured results without breaking a sweat. In no time at all you can switch from one KombiTool to the other: loosen the plug connection with the tommy screw (disconnect the quick-release coupling), swap the KombiTool, snap in the quick-release coupling, tighten the tommy screw and it’s ready to roll. Everything’s done by hand, without the need for a special tool.
Model Tool Featured Price
FSB – KM Curved Shaft Mowing Head AutoCut 11-2 line head
FS – KM Straight Shaft Mowing Head AutoCut 25-2 line head
FS – KM Straight Shaft Mowing Head – Metal Blade Metal blade
FCB – KM Curved Shaft Edger Edge trimmer
FCS – KM Straight Shaft Edger Edge trimmer
BG – KM Blower Blower
HL – KM Hedge Trimmer 0° Hedge trimmer 0° – Fixed head
HL – KM Hedge Trimmer 135° Hedge trimmer 135° – Adjustable head
HT – KM Pole Pruner Pole pruner
BF – KM Soil Cultivator Pick tines
FH – KM Power Scythe 135° Power scythe 135° – Adjustable head
FBD – KM Bed Re-definer Bed Re-definer
KB – KM Bristle Brush Bristle brush
KW – KM PowerSweep™ Paddle sweeper
KM Shaft Extension
KM Carbon Fibre Shaft Extension

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Type KombiEngine Tools
Condition New
Make Stihl
Displacement (cc) 27.2
Power (hp) 1.1
Weight (kg / lbs) 4.3 / 9.5